About Deja (DejaFitBeauty)

Im Deja! Air Froce Vet and Founder of the Fit Beauty Tribe and Fit Queen Team Community.


I started dieting in my 20s going from fad to fad. After 5 years, I finally got sick of the yo yo dieting and decided to GET REAL about my health. I decided to adopt a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Instead of just crash dieting to lose 10 pounds for a vacation every year. 
This healthy journey led me down a path of becoming a group fitness instructor in 2015. Shortly after I started my first fitness YouTube channel "DejaFitBeauty" and ultimately I became a certified fitness and nutrition coach. Now I help thousands of women just like you get started on the healthy lifestyle journey, lose weight and keep it off!
I Created the Fit Beauty Tribe because I wanted a place where women could come together, no matter their fitness level, and have a safe and fun place to talk about fitness and get motivated to live a healthier lifestyle.