HerNutra Nutrition

Nutrition For Women
 More Energy – Build Lean Muscle – Feel Better

Meet The Founder

HerNutra Nurtrition is was founded by Deja Lewis

 Deja Lewis is a certified personal trainer and Air Force veteran. She has committed the last seven years of her life helping women lose weight and start, and maintain healthy lifestyles. She is known as best for her FIT QUEEN TEAM virtual coaching program.

 After training hundreds of women, the question that always came up was “which supplements am I supposed to take?” “What supplements do I need to help me build muscle?” “How can I have more energy?” So, she created a line of supplements curated for women, so they know exactly what they needed.

 And that is how HerNutra was born

Our Mission

We want to help the everyday woman navigate her healthy lifestyle, so she can look and feel her best and have lifelong health. At HerNutra we have been there done that, and we know exactly what you need. Whether it’s living a healthy lifestyle, building muscle, or needing more energy we got you covered.

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Our Team

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